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Honey Calcite Pointed Pendant (Variety)

Honey Calcite Pointed Pendant (Variety)

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Honey Calcite comes in this yellow color reminding you of honey. It is a powerful energy cleanser and is believed to hold vibrations of strength and confidence. Honey Calcite is is also a spiritual crystal linked to the higher consciousness.

Honey Calcite uses:
- Boosts memory and clams the mind.
- Assist you in concentrating your energies towards your goals.
- Brings deep relaxation to both body and mind.

measures approximately 1.5- 2" across.

You will receive one similar to the product pictured. Colors may vary due to differences in lighting. Please check all photos, some crystals may come with natural imperfections, cracks, and crevices. You will receive (1) crystal necklace.

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