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Green Aventurine Amber 3rd Eye

Green Aventurine Amber 3rd Eye

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Size: 5  inches (Approximate) 

Weight:  1288g



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  • Metaphysical Properties

    • Luck and Prosperity: Green aventurine is often called the "Stone of Opportunity" because it is believed to bring luck, wealth, and abundance into one's life. It is said to attract opportunities for success and prosperity, whether in business, finances, or other areas of life.

    • Heart Chakra Healing: This crystal is closely connected to the heart chakra, making it an excellent stone for emotional healing, balance, and harmony. It can help release emotional blockages, promote self-love, and foster compassion and empathy towards others.

    • Optimism and Positive Energy: Green aventurine has a bright, uplifting energy that can dispel negativity and encourage optimism and positivity. It can help you see the silver lining in difficult situations and approach life with a sense of hope and enthusiasm.

    • Emotional Stability: Like all varieties of aventurine, green aventurine is known for its calming and stabilizing properties. It can soothe emotional turmoil, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote a sense of inner peace and tranquility.

    • Manifestation and Goal Setting: Green aventurine is believed to amplify the energy of intention and manifestation. By focusing your intentions and desires while holding or meditating with green aventurine, you can enhance your ability to manifest your goals and aspirations.

    • Physical Healing: In addition to its metaphysical properties, green aventurine is said to have some physical healing properties. It is believed to support heart health, regulate blood pressure, and promote overall well-being. Some also use it to alleviate allergies and skin conditions.

    • Connection to Nature: The soothing green color of aventurine is often associated with nature and the healing energy of the natural world. Working with green aventurine can help you feel more grounded, connected to the earth, and in tune with the rhythms of nature.

    • Decision-Making: Green aventurine is thought to enhance decision-making abilities and promote a sense of clarity and discernment. It can help you make choices that align with your highest good and lead you towards greater fulfillment and success.

  • Disclaimers

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    All crystals are unique in their own way. Colors may slightly vary due to differences in lighting. Please check all photos. Crystals may come with natural imperfections, cracks, and crevices.

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