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Selenite Bracelet

Selenite Bracelet

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What is Selenite used for?

Spiritual activation, communion with Higher Self, spirit guides and angels. 
Used to clear energy blockages, induce inner alignment, facilitate healing, auric cleansing, and spiritual cleansing.
It is a calm purifying stone that can be used to cleanse your energies and the energy of your surrounding environment. It is often used to cleanse and charge other crystals.


-8mm beaded Selenite Stretch Bracelet
-Approximately 7" around the wrist.

Gems and crystals are great for altars, grids, terrariums, pocket stones, gifts, home decorating, collecting and more! They are also wonderful additions to meditation, reiki and chakra work. Healing crystals are not a replacement for traditional medical treatment. 

Photos showcase what the crystal you ordered will look like. You will receive one similar, but not the exact one in the photo. All crystals are unique in their own way. 
Colors may slightly vary due to differences in lighting. Please check all photos. Crystals may come with natural imperfections, cracks, and crevices.
International shipping will be billed extra.
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