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MERCURY RETROGRADE | What it means & what crystals to use during the madness

Mercury is the planet of communication and travel, ruling Gemini and Virgo placements. Mercury retrograde is scientifically an optical illusion, meaning from our point of view on Earth, it looks as if Mercury is rotating backwards. But, as astrologers point out, there tends to be an increase in miscommunications, mood swings, and even technological problems during retrograde! Confusion, delay in manifestations, and increased frustration tends to dominate the collective throughout this time.

The Benefits of Mercury Retrograde

Although Mercury retrograde is perceived as a challenge, it is especially beneficial for reflection of the past, aiding in the healing of traumas, from both this life and past lives. Retrograde is the universes' way of forcing us to face emotions we have been suppressing and situations/decisions we have been putting off.

Energy may be offset, whether in your relationships, your job, or even your home life, causing major energetic shifts that may be frustrating at first. Overall, these shifts are necessary for the development of your journey and will clear out things that are blocking you from your true potential.

Meditation and alone time are especially important and will help you understand why you may be feeling energetically off or negative.

Crystals for Mercury Retrograde


Shungite is a powerful stone to utilize during retrograde! The protective and grounding qualities of Shungite will help prevent emotional outbursts and shields others' negative energy. We suggest wearing Shungite to keep yourself grounded and cleansed throughout the day! Shungite also aids in adhering to your truth and getting rid of negative emotional patterns you've picked up throughout life. This energy is important during reflection and will help keep you balanced. Shungite also is important for minimizing EMFs, radiation, and other harmful effects from technology.


Fluorite clears your energy field and balances your right and left brain, bringing clarity to your mental state. This is especially helpful for anyone who is currently in school or taking on a new skill during retrograde! Fluorite will aid in dispelling confusion and anxiety about the future, which are main issues throughout retrograde.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is especially helpful for working with emotions that come up. The cleansing and clearing energies of Quartz will create a space for you to find more clarity when working to heal traumatized parts of the emotional body. The energy of Clear Quartz will amplify any other stone you use it with, so it is a great companion to amplify the intentions you have during this time.


Because of increased miscommunication during retrograde, Amazonite is a powerful tool to increase harmony and constructive communication while avoiding heated interactions. Soothing your heart and throat chakras, Amazonite will allow you to speak your truth, free from judgement, and vocalize your feelings and needs when having a rough day. Amazonite allows you to listen and integrate all aspects of the self and speak without overemotionalism. Amazonite is important for healing and working through traumas, which may come up during retrograde.

Embrace Retrograde with Positivity

Misconceptions of Mercury retrograde may cause even more confusion in our collective unconscious, so don't worry, retrograde doesn't mean your life will fall apart! Individual perceptions of Mercury retrograde will shape how it affects you. So, instead of perceiving retrograde as negative, try thinking about how helpful these periods of time are. All yourself to allow embrace the void, working through emotions and traumas that affect your daily life. This time is meant for intense reflection, so when you feel like doing something bold or feel a mood swing coming on, remind yourself to go within. As a collective, we must embrace the importance of suffering. Suffering is an essential part of our human experience and allows us to grow and become stronger. So, remember to sit with your emotional body and listen to your needs! Self care is everything on this healing journey. Crystal Blue Vibrations is here for you during the craziness of retrograde and wishes you nothing but clarity during this pivotal time of reflection and cleansing!

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