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First Full Moon of 2023!

This Friday, January 6th, marks the first Full Moon of the year! Typically referred to as the Wolf Moon, connect with the energy of the wolf, trusting your instincts and staying loyal to yourself/family. Falling in the zodiac Cancer, this Full Moon focuses on our emotional body and family/home life. Playing on the polarity of sister signs Capricorn and Cancer, we are collectively forced to focus on the work-home life balance. Restore peace in relationships while reevaluating responsibilities. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, making this a deeply feminine and intuitive time.

Dreams may be intensified this week, so make sure to listen to your intuition. Anything hidden will be illuminated under the Full Moon, and since karma is sped up during Capricorn season, justice will be served and balance will be restored. Think about the actions you’ve taken the past year, taking responsibility for any mishaps. Recognize all actions have consequences, good or bad, and are necessary for individual growth.

Mercury is retrograde this Full Moon, forcing reflection of the past. Now is the perfect time to let bad habits go, paving way for new, fresh energy. This is the perfect time to face and release familial issues and ancestral trauma. Past reflection will birth growth oriented ideals, honing in on the intensity of shifting into 2023. Up until now, collectively we have been hyper focused on relationships, career goals, and personal goals. This Friday urges us to focus on our emotional needs, nurturing ourselves, facing repressed emotions, and connecting back with our Higher Selves. It is time to let out all you’ve been feeling. Journaling, running a spiritual bath, and reflecting on 2022 are great ways of cleansing the aura and prompting healthy release.

Come by to Crystal Blue Vibrations to pick up your Full Moon necessities and take 25% off Obsidian, Lepidolite, Bismuth, Celestite, and Selenite until Sunday, January 8th! Use Obsidian to keep yourself grounded and protected as you face and release emotion. Lepidolite brings tranquility and emotional balance. Bismuth aids in achieving our goals, bringing forth transformation this new year. Celestitie connects us to our spirit guides and deepens intuition. Use Selenite to connect to the Lunar energy of this Cancer Full Moon while purifying and cleansing your aura.

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