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Crystal Skulls | Powerful Symbols & Tools for Manifestation

Skulls are a powerful symbol and tool for communication with other spirits, and especially our higher selves! Crystal Skulls in particularly are powerful tools to support us on our journey of remembering and expressing who we are. Despite the connotation of skulls with death or danger, skulls are an important symbol of rebirth and transitioning into another phase of life. Use a crystal skull as empowerment to embrace the never ending cycle of death and rebirth we see in our daily lives.

How They Connect Us To Our True Selves

Using the shape of a human skull amplifies the effects of a crystal’s energy on an individuals human consciousness. Think of the skull as a home for our brain, the vessel for us to translate our experiences and sensory information into awareness. Awareness of our subconscious allows us to expand ourselves, leading us to transformation and rebirth. This heightens our intuition and connects us back to our true selves. Crystal skulls absorb and store information from the crystals, so when meditating with crystal skulls, it makes it easier for one to listen and understand the messages and visions being received.

Skulls and the Healing Process

The skull symbol is a vessel to work through your heart and connect to higher consciousness. This makes meditation with crystal skulls unveiling and transformative. While intensifying the characteristics and energies of the carved crystal, crystal skulls amplify the reflection process during meditation. Skulls act as reflectors, helping us to see who we are and reminding us of our essence and the purpose of our lives on Earth. They act as mirrors, helping us bright light to what energy is necessary for us to catapult the healing process.

How to Start Your Crystal Skull Journey

So you want to buy a crystal skull but aren’t sure where to start? The best crystal skull for you will be the one you’re most attracted to. Nine out of ten times you’ll see it and won’t be able to put it down without daydreaming of it! It’s an immediate connection, which for some people can be positively overwhelming. Your attraction to crystal skulls may stem from a particular longing or interest, and meditation with the crystal skull can reveal gifts within yourself as well as cause profound experiences emotionally and spiritually. Stop by Crystal Blue or check out our extensive selection online to find a skull that’s right for you!

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