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CORD CUTTING - How to release negative attachments and unwanted energy

If you’ve been feeling like you need to let go of an old connection, a cord cutting ceremony is the perfect way to sever draining energetic ties. Unhealthy energetic ties keep us bound to unhealthy people, patterns, or even jobs and places that no longer serve us. Not letting go of a particular connection from our past may cause increased anxiety and stress, so a ritual may be the perfect way to kickstart the releasing process.

Obsidian Ritual Knife

Selenite Ritual Knife

Cord cutting can be extremely beneficial for people trying to release a lingering connection with an ex partner, a toxic family member, places that are keeping you stuck, and even poor/addictive habits. Doing a cord cutting ceremony can banish the lingering energy and clear up energy blockages that have been holding you back from reaching your full potential. Clearing up these blockages paves way for intense and necessary healing!

There are plenty of ways to preform a cord cutting ceremony, whether at home in your bed, the bath or shower, or somewhere in nature! It’s important to have a clear intention of what energy you will be severing, so meditation and cleansing yourself & the space you’ll be doing the ceremony in is crucial.

Setting up your space is the first step! Use a black spell candle to soak up the negative energy you will be releasing, as well as to protect you as you delve into past experiences that may bring up a lot of emotion. Cleanse yourself and your space with white sage or rosemary and then light your candle. Make sure all doors and windows are open to allow the released energy to flow out of your space. We suggest using a selenite or obsidian knife to help the cutting. Selenite will cleanse your energy with simultaneously cutting out the negativity being fed to you through the energetic tie. Black obsidian knifes are protective and powerful, also ridding you of the negative energy being fed to you! Take a second after lighting the candle to set your intention and meditate on the negative emotions that keep you connected to this particular energy. Be seated or laying down for the ritual and meditation! During this time, deep emotions from traumatic experiences or unresolved feelings may come up. Having someone with you during the cord cutting as support is suggested for anyone dealing with cutting extremely traumatic ties. Then begin the visualization process. Imagine a cord between you and the other person. Then take your crystal knife or imagine yourself with scissors and physically cut the cord between you and the other person. Allow yourself to fully cut the cord, imagine it floating away from you and repeat a mantra, such as “I release these ties that bind me. I will move forward with freedom and light.” Finish up the ritual by cleansing yourself and space with sage, rosemary or Flordia water. Rest, take care of yourself, and reflect on the experience you had!

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