Tri-Color Titanium Aura Quartz Point

This beautiful Tri-color Titanium Aura Quartz Point is STUNNING! Under the sunlight, you can see how shiny this crystal is. The electric colors make this crystal so unique, it's hard to not look at this beauty. Titanium Aura Quartz has both the properties of a Quartz and Titanium. This gem can help enhance your personal power, enhance your aura, charge the chakras, and restore the peace.

Titanium Aura Quartz uses:
- Help raise your vibrations.
- Enhance your creative powers and analytical thinking.
- Help increase your zest and enjoyment for your relationship, and for life in general.

Measures approximately 3.45" tall.

You will receive the exact product pictured. Colors may vary due to differences in lighting. Please check all photos, some crystals may come with natural imperfections, cracks, and crevices. You will receive (1) crystal point.