Mookaite Jasper Crystal Snail


The beautiful Mookaite Jasper snail comes in this beautiful color and has unique patterns. Mookaite Jasper is a silicified porcellanite mineral that can also be fossiliferous. This crystal grounds your mind, heart, and soul and helps one live in the moment. This crystal truly ties in with the snail because of it's symbolism. The snail reminds you to slow down, don't rush, be present in the moment, and trust the process. 

Allow the energy of Mookaite Jasper in your home and use it as a reminder to be present in moment. 

Mookaite Jasper uses:
- Offer protection in challenging situations.
- Can help you be perceptive in tough situations.
- Help you with confidence.

Measures approximately 7.3" across and 5.15" tall. 

You will receive the exact crystal. Colors may vary due to differences in lighting. Please check all photos, some crystals may come with natural imperfections, cracks, and crevices.