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Libyan Desert Glass Scarab

Libyan Desert Glass Scarab

$222.00 Regular Price
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Sourced direct from the Sahara desert, Libiya 🏜️ 


Size: 1 inch (Approximate) 

Weight: 5.55 grams (Approximate) 

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  • About Libyan Desert Glass

    Lybian Desert Glass also known as Gold Tektite or Great Sand Sea Glass, is a unique and nearly pure silica tektite believed to have been created from a meteorite impact 26 million years ago. This occurred over the modern day Sahara Desert in what is now western Egypt and eastern Libya. 


    A transformational stone that offers up powerful enhancing energies that directly resonate with one's solar plexus, sacral, and third eye chakra. As one begins their own perosnal journey with this strange desert glass, exceptional qualities of oneself will rise from within and begin to show forth. Your personal will, will soon undertake a "rebirthing" effect and revitalized with true interstellar powers. One will notice the increased amount of control they have over themselves and their decisons making abilities. Helps attune one's energies to the ether, these are the most powerful realms we humans can visit and they are filled with endless knowledge of the history of life and human existence. Once one begins to channel the true capabilities of this stone, only then can you understand the many levels this stone is able to off