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Crystal & Copper Moon & Stars

Crystal & Copper Moon & Stars

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Dimensions:H:4" W:4" Weight:68g

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  • About

    The Crystal & Copper Sun & Moon is a beautifully crafted piece that combines the energy of crystal and copper to harness the power of the sun and moon. The crystal is known for its ability to amplify energy and intention, making it a great tool for meditation and manifestation. The sun represents vitality, strength, and growth, while the moon represents intuition, emotion, and feminine energy, making this piece perfect for balancing and aligning these energies. 

    Copper is a conductor of energy and is believed to enhance the effects of the crystals it is paired with, making this piece even more powerful. The combination of crystal and copper in the Sun & Moon pendant makes it a versatile and potent tool for anyone on a spiritual journey. Whether worn as a pendant or used during meditation, this piece can help you tap into the energies of the sun and moon, bringing balance and harmony into your life.

  • Disclaimer

    Photos showcase what the crystal you ordered will look like. You will receive one similar, but not the exact one in the photo.

    All crystals are unique in their own way. Colors may slightly vary due to differences in lighting. Please check all photos. Crystals may come with natural imperfections, cracks, and crevices.

    International shipping will be billed extra.