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Amethyst Star Pendant

Amethyst Star Pendant

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Wearing crystals directly on your skin amplifies the respective stone's properties and allows the energy of the crystal to raise your vibration and positively impact your aura. By keeping the crystal in your auric field,  the energies will bring balance to your body and connect you to your highest self.


Amethyst is a staple in any crystal collection, enhancing the connection to one's Third Eye and Crown chakras. Deepening an understanding of intuition, Amethyst is the perfect stone for people embarking on a spiritual journey. Promoting peace and protection, carrying Amethyst or keeping it in a sacred space uplifts the environment. 


Amethyst uses: 

-Peace, protection, and purity. 

-Helps overcome bad habits, such as addictions. 

-Enhances connection with intuition and spirit guides. 


Sizes: (Approx.)

- H 1" - 1.5"