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Agatized Coral

Agatized Coral

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Size: 9.5 inches (Approximate) 

Weight: 0.6 lbs (Approximate)

  • About Agatized Coral

    Agatized coral is a type of fossilized coral that has undergone a process called agatization. This occurs when the original coral material is replaced by agate. The process involves the infiltration of silica-rich solutions into the coral, gradually replacing its organic material with hardened agate while preserving the original coral's structure.

    Healing Properties: 

    Agatized fossil coral terms as the nature’s mineral that holds the capability to forces of the cosmos as well as the liveliness of the gifted life. The agate that is called quartz is, also, replaces the fossilized organic carcass of the individuals as well as bringing its unique vibrations to this fossil coral.

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