Tanzanite Spiritual Connection, Meditation, Awareness .Tanzanite provides protection while allowing for manifestation. It can be used to relieve depression and both dispel and transmute negativity. It provides a perfect balance between personal power and actualization. Tanzanite facilitates communication. It also explains the Universal mysteries.

Tektite Wisdom, Knowledge, Personal Power .Tektites help withstand mental or emotional "stumbling." Use them to diminish or overcome challenges with mental processes. Some are used for extraterrestrial communication, astral travel, and lucid dreaming. They can also strengthen one's energy field.

Tiger Eye (Golden) Protection, Creativity, Balance .Tiger Eye is great for relieving scattered energy. It keeps you grounded, encourages optimism and lifts your mood! It’s great for balancing on all levels, encouraging you to open up to new experiences. It fosters confidence and prosperity, often in the form of money. It enhances integrity, willpower and practicality. Tiger Eye is also a very protective stone that is particularly grounding, especially during travel or activities.

Topaz  Awareness, Creativity, Manifestation. Topaz is joyous, giving and serene. It is a stone of true love and success in all endeavors! It can promote individuality and creativity while providing for confidence in trusting your decisions. It acts to replace negativity with joy and joyfulness. White Topaz assists you with releasing any fear. It helps with detoxification and increasing your metabolism. Topaz gives abundance, inspiration and awakening.

Tourmalinated Quartz Grounding, Protection, Removes/Transmutes Negativity. Tourmalinated Quartz is a powerful, high energy stone used to increase your personal power. It can transmute any negativity into positive energy for the wearer. Tourmalinated Quartz aids to balance yin/yang energies and release negative patterns.

Turquoise Communication, Release, Healing .Turquoise is perfect to use when you are feeling out of balance as it realigns and revitalizes your cellular structure. It brings you peace of mind and allows you to perceive information psychically. Use it to in- crease your creativity and speak your truth without fear!