Peacock Ore/Chalcopyrite Happiness, Joy, Creativity .This stone of happiness and joy will help you tune into positive forces in life and channel that energy to others. It brings you the ability to see and accept the joy in any moment. It removes negative energy and replaces it with a strong, beneficial, positive energy. It has the ability to align every chakra when applied to a given chakra.

Pearls attune you to the ebb and flow of life. They are calming and centering, attract purity and promote faith, charity, and integrity, truth and loyalty. They help you to connect with Feminine energy. They enhance your personal integrity and help to provide a focus for your attention. It’s great for receiving spiritual guidance and attaining wisdom. A stone of sincerity, Pearls provides truth in all situations and loyalty to a cause.

Peridot Healing, Protective, Comforting .Peridot is a stone of compassion. It’s friendly energy is excellent for healing while bringing abundance and prosperity. It enhances healing and harmony in relationships of all kinds, but particularly marriage. Peridot can lessen stress in relationships, anger and jealousy, slow the aging process, and heal ulcers as well as digestive disorders.

Petalite Spiritual Realm, Protective Talisman, Manifestation .A high vibration stone with balancing energy. Helps one in the development of clairaudience. Excellent for relieving stress and anxiety. Brings clarity to your thoughts. A stone of manifestation that will bring into your life visions of your true authentic journey and life’s purpose.

Petrified Wood Past Life, Embrace,Grounding .Brings wonderful healing energies to physical & emotional issues. Teaches patience and helps understand how to allow life to evolve in perfection. The energy of this stone is deeply strengthening, grounding & stabilizing, allow- ing for the removal of stress, worry and anxiety.

Picture Jasper Awareness, Intuition, Healing .Picture Jasper is marvelous for inner journeying to sacred sites and for connecting with Earth’s consciousness. An excellent stone for creative vision, initiative and boosting confidence. Wear for long periods of time to bring hidden thoughts, grief, fears, and hopes to the surface for examination. Perfect to enhance success for Business and goal setting.

Pietersite Intuition, Removes Emotional Blockages, Spiritual Growth .Pietersite dispels illusion, assisting one to recognize the beauty of the soul. It helps one to support courage, tenacity and dauntless effort to create and maintain beauty on this planet. Pietersite helps relax and release limits you place on your creativity by recognizing your potential. It calms emotional outbursts and upheavals, hence its name of Tempest Stone It helps heal your physical body as it releases emotional restrictions

Pink Opal Joy, Renewal, Insight. Pink Opal is a stone of peace and tranquility for the aura. It is especially noted for its energies in healing emotions. Sleeping with or wearing pink opal helps to bring compassion and a gentle resolution of painful memories. Pink Opal brings peace and harmony within.

Prehnite Unconditional Love, Knowledge, Strength Prehnite brings unconditional love to all areas of our life. It provides us with peace of mind, well being, absorbs & releases anger, hurt & other undesirable energies. It eases depression, despair, stress, teaches us compromise, removes jealousy, prejudice, anger, hostility and abrasiveness. It fosters a belief of Abundance and Power.

Pyrite (Healer’s Stone/Fools Gold) Prosperity, Protection, Deflects Negativity Pyrite brings you a positive outlook and releases murk that has been held in your emotional body at your Solar Plexus. It strengthens your will and brings harmony with yourself and others. It protects the wearer from harmful EMFs. Pyrite enhances intelligence, mental stability, logic, analysis, creativity, memory, and psychic development. Pyrite is a powerful protection stone, and is very grounding.