Iolite Intuition, Awareness, Connection .Iolite helps one to stay in the moment and bring harmony to the experience. Iolite helps eliminate and release disharmony in relationships. It helps you to foresee which choices produce the most success and abundance. Iolite is known as the stone of debt elimination. It facilitates financial responsibility and fosters good management of resources.

Indigo Gabbro  also known as Mystic Merlinite. It is named for its metaphysical qualities. Attracts and aids in Magic, intuition, connection with elemental energies, past-life recall, psychic openings, mediumship. Merlinite can part the veils between the visible and invisible worlds, opening the doors to deeper intuitive abilities. One of the foremost of these is spirit communication. Meditation with Merlinite can assist one in contacting souls of the deceased who wish to give messages to the living.