Calcite is helpful for anyone in need of clarity, & those who are learning about Law of Attraction & manifestation. Like Clear Quartz, it can amplify intent & be programmed for a specific purpose. Excellent to help see past errors & ways to correct them for benefit in the future. By clearing away stagnant energy blockages, it can bring higher energies into the chakras, encouraging spiritual development

Carnelian Creativity, Physical Vitality, Grounding. Carnelian opens your heart and connects you to your inner self. It stimulates the libido, grounds and balances your Base Chakra, gives you courage and is a powerful physical healer. Its energy is warm, joyous, invigorating, uplifting and open! It increases perceptiveness and inspiration. Use it to dispel sorrow, and to protect from envy, fear and rage.

Chalcedony Calm, Communication, Service Chalcedony has a gentle, floating energy. Use it to foster calm and peace, and to reduce hostility, anger and irritation. It soothes and creates mental & emotional stability, and can also help to provide emotional honesty. It also helps reduce or eliminate bad dreams by getting rid of the influences that cause them. Chalcedony has been used for eye problems.

Charoite Transformation, Insight, Spirituality Charoite assists you in heralding a new and vibrant life. It brings focused clarity and awareness of what you create, giving you a more pro- found acceptance of your role as Co-Creator. It helps you step out of the old, fear based existence of emotions, thoughts and patterns, and lights the way to your unlimited self. Wear to manifest your dreams into reality!

Chrysocolla Auric Cleanser, Support, Soothes and Calms .Chrysocolla helps to ease emotional heartache and increases one’s capaci- ty to love. It provides great inner strength, helping to sustain you during stressful situations. Promotes harmony by releasing stress from negative emotions. Chrysocolla purifies your home and environment, and can work to eliminate negativity from a person as well.

Chrysoprase Accepting, Tranquilizing , Confidence . Opens one to love, compassion and kindness. Emits steady serene flow of light. Soothes emotions, used to absorb or deflect unwanted energies. Increases self esteem, self confidence & courage. Use when emotionally overwhelmed for balance.


 Clear Quartz Crystal Healing, Enhancing, Amplification .Clear Quartz Crystals can be used to clear and activate the energy centers. It heals negativity associated with your perspectives and judgments and stimulates positive thoughts. A single Clear Quartz crystal, carried with you or placed in your environment will help maintain balance, energy and protection. Whether carried or placed somewhere, the force of the crystal stays attuned and connected to you.

Crazy Lace Agate Laughter Stone, Joy,  A stone of support & encouragement, elevating thoughts & promoting optimism. Creates a circular flow of energy, stimulating for the mind & attitude. Excellent for balancing emotional, physical and intellectual energy. Crazy Lace Agate is often used as a personal talisman to bring the power of the Moon to one's life and endeavors.