Bumble Bee Jasper  activates the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, enabling you to accept change, find new opportunities, increase your self-esteem and make decisions without relying on emotions.Bumble Bee Jasper can help with abdominal issues, allergies, the nervous system, and heart and circulatory system disorders.

Black Tourmaline Protection, Grounding, Calming. Black Tourmaline clears negative emotions and thoughts, opening you up to joy and honesty. Carry this stone when you feel surrounded by negativity. It’s great for use in times of crisis or for periods of extreme stress. It helps you break through old patterns and fears, and cultivates inner wisdom, courage, stability and patience

Bloodstone Detoxifying, Healing, Grounding .Bloodstone is an intense healer; the stone of courage. It helps you to be present in the moment and to revitalize love, relationships and friendships. Use to dispel bewilderment and obscure thought. Bloodstone works towards a healthy immune system by removing toxins and helping your body to absorb the nutrients it needs to create its peak condition.

Blue Calcite Communication, Calming,  Divine Guidance .Blue Calcite calms anger and raw emotions. Helps one to voice feelings through speaking, writing and music. Excellent for communicating in general but also with our angels and guides. This calcite helps in business by getting things done and keeping you on task.

Blue Lace Agate Communication, Stabilizing, Calming Blue Lace Agate is a gentle, calming stone that brings you grace and tranquility! It lessens all anger (even deep anger issues) and calms nerv- ousness. It assists in releasing the fear of death and oppressive bur- dens. It brings peace, inspiration and it enhances clear self-expression, while helping to access the highest energetic realms.

Blue Tiger Eye Protection, Confidence, Balance .Blue Tiger Eye (also called Hawk’s Eye) is a very soothing stone. It aids in reducing stress and easing anxiety. It can illuminate issues that may have been difficult to see otherwise. Blue Tiger Eye helps to open, clear and align the mid to higher range chakras, which will assist in speaking with clarity and acting from a place of integrity.

Blue Topaz Repels Negativity, Emotional Support, Expression Blue Topaz opens you up to cosmic understanding, helping you to transcend limitations. It is emotionally balancing, soothing and peaceful. It brings tranquility, creativity, self-expression and en- hance psychic perception.