Welcome to Crystal Blue Vibrations!

We are located at 2961 Beech St in San Diego, California. We are a metaphysical shop that carries crystals, crystal skulls, singing bowls, incense, and more! Here at Crystal Blue Vibrations our mission is to support you in your healing and spiritual journey. Come visit us for unearthed magic. 



Our Healers 

Shaylene Desma

Shaylene is a spiritual professional that has been using her talents for over 20 years! She is an intuitive reader, clairvoyant, channeler, and healer. She offers various services such as readings, auric cleansing, reiki, chord cutting, and past life regression. She has the ability to bring accurate guidance and answers to people of all walks life - whether you are seeking truth, healing, or enlightenment. Follow Shaylene on Instagram @shaylenedesma 




Joey is called to do a special type of healing work to lead people back to their soul's purpose. Highly Sensitive since youth and through expansion and practice, he holds space for the soul to heal and process in order to transmute fear into a higher vibration. Joey offers different forms of guidance through connecting with the angelic and elemental realms. He uses tarot / oracle and charm casting to provide a deeper awareness and guidance and insight on areas of importance. He also practices Reiki level 2 and Flower Therapy, which allows him to diagnose and rebalance areas of disharmony within your etheric body. Achieving wellness fueled by love and compassion. Follow Joey on Instagram @healingfreedomtarot.




Rich Frye


Rich is our highly skilled certified Reiki Master. He is a certified crystal healer and a light worker. He offers crystal reiki services and sound therapy with singing bowls. He also offers a unique form of diviniation called Crystal Mediumship, and uses crystals to provide guidance. Book an appointment with Rich to receive healing and guidance. 






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