Agate Stability, Balance, Clarity Wonderfully protective, Agates are powerfully grounded, earthy heal- ers. They assist greatly in physical & spiritual growth. Their layers help you to unlock new levels of awareness in meditation, as well as strength- en your physical body. All Agates tend to be very grounding and pro- tective.

Amber Clearing, Healing, Protective. Amber can be used to ground spiritual energies into your physical body and fill it with light. It is helpful in dissolving energy blockages and relieving depression. It assists you in calming fears and exerts a positive influence on your endocrine and circulatory systems, thyroid, heart and spleen.

 Amethyst Protection, Purification, Spirituality.Amethyst will assist in overcoming any addiction! It calms and soothes your emotions. Amethyst is a stone of prosperity. It creates a protective energy field around its wearer, assists in transmuting negative energies within the wearer and gives protection from external negative energies. Amethyst relieves insomnia, brings peace and calm. Chakras: Third Eye, Crown Zodiac: Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn

Amazonite The Stone of support. It promises to soothe the spirit and calm the soul. Amazonite helps you focus on the truth. Allows you to speak up for your- self yet listen to what others have to say. Helps one to move beyond judgment or confrontation. Excellent blocker of EMFs & geopathic stress. A good luck stone for any financial venture.

Angle Aura carries a very loving and sweet energy, stimulating the spirit and elevating one’s mood. It assists in remembering lessons from past incarnations and attuning to one’s spiritual purpose. It is an all- healer, harmonizing one’s energy field with the physical body. Excel- lent for Reiki healing.

Apache Tears Protective Grounding, Helps w/ Grief Apache Tears are friendly stones that may be used to ground your energy and protect you from negativity. They are strong stones for spiritual grounding and for psychic protection. They will raise your ability to recognize the approach of menacing situations, where you may be at risk. Like other types of Black Obsidian, they will absorb negative energy. This makes Apache Tears powerful tools to cleanse your auric field of negativity.

Apatite Clarity, Spiritual Guidance, Self Expression. Apatite is a potent energy that encourages and helps achieve your desired outcome. Use it to balance your physical, mental and energetic bodies. It is a powerful tool for releasing food-based beliefs, dietetic problems and weight issues by re-balancing your metabolism, suppressing hunger and resetting your body’s normal function.

Apophyllite Spiritual Guidance, Stress Release, Meditation. Apophyllite stones are powerful and their resonance aids you to release negative energy, allowing you to be happier, calmer and more at peace. Excellent stone to infuse your auric field with high vibration light energy from the spiritual realms. Assists one in letting go of fear and stifled emotions. A power- ful vibrational transmitter, a stone of truth that corrects imbalances and brings recognition of one's true self.

Aquamarine  Protective, Communication, Calming The Stone of courage and Eternal Youth! It provides a shield for your aura and your subtle bodies. It helps to attune you to more spiritual levels of aware- ness and it provides emotional and intellectual stability while enhancing the connection with your Higher Self. It is especially protective during travel in, over and around bodies of water.

Aragonite Star Clusters Emotional Healing, Balance, Grounding. Aragonite Clusters will help to fortify strength and confidence, while allow- ing one to be open to new visions. They aid in dispelling geopathic stress. Wearing or carrying will assist the healing and balancing of the emotional body. Excellent to help overcome stress, anxiety and anger. aid you to be more patient and to be more content about your life circumstances.

Astrophyllite Transformation ,Love ,Karma. An excellent grounding, calming and protective stone. Astrophyllite will assist one to find your “true self and true path”, by activating your dreams. If worn, will help attract the necessary experiences you need in life. A stone of self-knowledge and self-acceptance, that is excellent for aiding in the releasing of unhealthy behavior patterns or bad habits.

Auralite 23 Soul Healer, Peace, Tranquility. Auralite 23 integrates our hearts awareness with a sense of self and re- minds us of the sacred nature of our own consciousness. Balances our physical body, removes chronic problems within our body reminding it of its proper vital functions by bringing forth regeneration and rejuvenation. Acti- vates all 7 of our main chakras and also those above our head and below our feet. Excellent emotional spiritual healer.

Aventurine Prosperity, Friendship, Creativity. Aventurine grounds your emotional body and rebalances your heart’s de- sires. Very beneficial in all areas of creativity, and imagination, as well as intellect and mental clarity. It may also enhances & attract prosperity and success in careers. A very gentle stone energetically that gives a sense of calmness and balance while enhancing happiness.

Azurite Focus, Harmony, Intuition. The ‘Stone of Heaven’ aids in developing psychic awareness, skills and abilities, enhances intuition. It is said to help control energy flow. Helpful for general healing, liver issues, arthritis, joint problems, depression, the sinuses and skin problems. It cuts through illusion, so you can use to release and transform old patterning & belief systems.