Libra Zodiac Crystal Set

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A set of stones that were selected just for Libra. These are the perfect gift for the Libra in your life; whether you want to treat yourself or gift it to someone else. 

Comes with one selenite bar, opalite, black tourmaline, aventurine, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, and a golden baggie to store your stones. 

Opalite - A stone of love, opalite is great for Venus ruled Libra. The iridescent sheen of opalite matches perfectly with the beauty of Libra. It is also thought to have relaxing effects and help to balance masculine and feminine energies. 

Black Tourmaline - A grounding and protective stone that will protect against any negative influences trying to sway you. To the Libra that often sees both sides of a situation, this stone helps you stay true to yourself.

Green Aventurine - A stone that helps Libra achieve ideal partnerships. It also helps to encourage inner harmony and balance.

Lapis Lazuli - This stone will help Libra in communicating more effectively and expressing themselves with diplomacy. It can also help with making decisions more easily for the indecisive Libra.

Rose Quartz - The stone of unconditional love. It reinforces self worth and helps to see the beauty within oneself. It is stone that will help to connect with the Heart Chakra, and open up the many different realms of love. 

The Selenite slab may be used to cleanse and charge your crystals, or it can be used as a holder for your crystals to be placed on.