Malachite Crystal Blue Vibrations
         Protects, heals, cleanses, and encourages change.              
 Life is always moving, energy is always moving, don’t allow yourself to get stuck. 

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What is Malachite?

Malachite was commonly used by ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian peoples. They created jewelry, ornaments and  other decorations with this vibrant stone. Children wore the stone as an amulet to protect against evil spirits. Today, malachite is still regarded as a powerful metaphysical stone that can release us from fears, worries and insecurities; allowing for a more open, accepting, and loving heart. 

A powerful metaphysical stone, its stunning green color represents far more than money; it does not measure material wealth. Instead, it embodies personal growth and abundance of the spirit: it teaches how to create and sustain a positive space. 

Malachite Figurines Crystal Blue Vibrations

What are Malachites Spiritual Healing Properties? 

Malachite reminds us to embrace change. If you find yourself drawn to the lustrous green of malachite, it is probably a sign that change is coming (or waiting). Whether it be big or small, the calling of this stone should not be ignored, as it will help guide you in a moment of reflection and growth. 

Malachite is known as, the stone of transformation. It is used for deep energy cleaning. Not only does it strengthen ones positive energy, but it simultaneously sucks out the negative. This allows a positive transformation to begin taking place, addressing and removing any old emotional patterns, past traumas, and surpassed feelings. Instead of accepting negative patterns, you will be encouraged to take responsibility for your actions, accept them, and move on to create positive change. While risky, malachites goal is to break you out of your comfort zone, ridding your mind and body of toxic patterns and releasing emotional clutter. This brings greater focus to energy and personal growth and encourages the user to acknowledge and discharge said negative energies and embrace a lighter and more open heart. 

Malachite Crystal Blue Vibrations

What are Malachites Physical Healing Properties?

Malachite provides great support for physical health. Highly protective, it absorbs pollution and purifies/shields against radiation and radioactive material. It is used to treat arthritis, asthma, swollen joints, broken bones, and torn muscles. It is known to balance mood swings and ease menstrual cramps and pain during childbirth. Finally, malachite is known to pinpoint tumors and stimulate liver to release toxins, aligning and repairing the DNA and cellular structure that causes cancers. 

Malachite Mini Crystal Blue Vibrations

How Do I Meditate with Malachite? 

Meditating with malachite will leave all chakras feeling open and rejuvenated. It is known to bring balance, abundance, manifestation and intention to all chakras. However, it is specifically connected to the throat and heart chakra. Holding malachite over your heart when meditating  removes emotional blockage that can cause physical and mental disease. The restoration of the heart chakra allows for a new sense of vitality and energetic renewal. 

While meditating, make note of a fresh sense of calmness that will wash over you. Use this calming and openness to practice and appreciate loyalty, balance and fidelity in your personal relationships. Allow the wisdom of the stone to bring comfort and inner peace. 

Understand that life is always moving and energy is always moving. Accept malachite as the pathway to personal grounding. It ensures that within this fluidity, you will never be stuck without the option of change.


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