Crystals for Libra Season

Libra season is approaching us, bringing in an initiating energy and the pressing need to find balance. Libra season begins September 23rd and goes until October 22nd, paving an airy gateway for spooky season. 

Libra energy embodies the need for balance and harmony, causing us as a collective to strive for more equilibrium in different areas of our lives! Libras are an air sign, making this time to go-with-the-flow. There’s less of a need for decision and control with Libra energy, making the energy this month extremely accommodating! 

Crystals for Libra Season

Some crystals that are good for Libra season are Ametrine, Black Tourmaline, Tigers Eye, Lapis Lazuli and Opal! 


Ametrine is known for balance and clarity, making it the perfect stone for Libra season. Ametrine stimulates creativity and supports taking control in your life. It promotes optimistic ways of thinking, and is excellent for those who are swayed by others, as it encourages them to step into their own power and potential, and can help you connect with, and manifest, Divinely inspired ideas. As a stone of balance, this is great for Libras as it helps them not overthink their decisions so much, trust their intuition, and ignite their creativity. 

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is known as being a stone of purification and cleansing. It acts as a cloak of protection as it shields you from toxic energies, whether that be from energy vampires, psychic attacks, or your own negative thought patterns. 

Black Tourmaline is also thought to help those who may struggle with obsessive compulsions, addictions, or anxiety, allowing for more clear, rational thoughts to come through as it uses its frequencies to swap out negative thought patterns for positive ones. By eliminating stress and anxiety, it helps you stay calm and connected to the present moment, and gives the essence of a secure and safe space to share thoughts and ideas, which is perfect for Libras as it helps them experience positivity in times when they may be struggling, especially with having to make an important decision. 

Tiger's Eye

For those needing a boost in self-confidence and a spark of motivation, Tiger’s Eye is the crystal for you this Libra season. With its positive energy and energy of transformation, it’s all about bringing self-confidence to the surface as it encourages you to embrace your inner-strength and willpower. Libras will find themselves feeling especially attractive and confident when using tigers eye! 

Tiger’s Eye is also an essential stone for those who struggle to stay grounded, making it a perfect stone for the airiness and indecisiveness of Libra season! It is also believed to provide powerful protection, attract good luck, and can be helpful when struggling with finances.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli  is a reminder to us to stay true to ourselves and our power, and to not be afraid. Motivated by knowledge, intuition, and wisdom, it’s  a stone that brings deep peace, encourages self-awareness, and reveals inner truth. Libras who work with Lapis Lazuli will find their need for intellectual stimulation satisfied. Lapis gives the motivation and confidence to explore our inherent wisdom and learn something new. Lapis Lazuli also deepens meditation and unlocks the inner King and Queen. This is especially important for Libras as they step into the spotlight this season! 


Opals are the majority of Libra's birthstones, making it an especially powerful crystal to work with during Libra season. Opals are extremely purifying and emotional, allowing one to heal emotional wounds on a deeper level. Opals are calming and comforting, helping ease the racing mind of Libras. Working close with Opals this month will work as a catalyst for intense healing and bringing in new creative energy.

If you are a Libra or have Libra placements in your astrological chart, expect yourself to feel more sociable, likeable, and creative! There may also be an increase in indecision and flakiness, which is something to look out for! Being the middle ground and neutraliser is a comfortable position for Libras, so don’t expect to make any major life decisions this month! Overall, this month will bring new social and intellectual opportunities for Libras, so embrace the unknown and embrace the need to find balance within the different aspects your life. 

September 23, 2021 — Maddisen Ferger

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