Introducing the VIBE System from Bioharmonic Technologies®

Crystal Blue Vibrations is so excited to announce the addition of our new VIBE System from Bioharmonic Technologies®! 

Shungite Bioharmonics Energy

Bioharmonic Technologies Mission:

To develop, create and distribute technologies and content that helps raise the vibration of the planet and harmonize humanity using sound, light, frequency and vibration. 

The VIBE System awakens the most basic parts of the nervous system and human physiology. It creates ease in relaxation, mediation, and it activates and detoxifies the brain. It will transform, restore, recover, balance and ground. If you are fortunate to be on the retrieving end of this new technology you’ll notice your body begin self-repairing. 

Biofield Harmonics Energy® holds the belief that the body can self-repair through their technology. The body has an ability to self- heal at a fast rate. The system that VIBE offers can accelerate the self-healing process by increasing the cerebral frequency and vibration; ultimately achieving a state of balance, health and wellness. 

It is a non- touch healing therapy that works on a “quantum level” to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances together. It consciously brings vibrational frequencies back into harmonic alignment, returning you to a preferred state of balance. 

The theory behind the technology:

Biofield Harmonics believes that EVERYTHING is energy, vibrating at a specific frequency. One only has to encounter the ways in which to activate said energy. These energetic patterns can change when exposed to the proper frequency, raising the “vibratory rate of the boiled”. Once the vibration has reached its highest point, it cancels out the low vibrations. These high frequencies are easily felt and work throughout the body long after the VIBE healing session has ended. 

Global studies have proven that Biofield therapies have exceptional outcome. This type of therapy is becoming more available in major hospitals and medical schools throughout the United States (including UCLA, Stanford, and Columbia University). They are including and integrating the Bioharmonic strategy to teach methods of stress management and inner healing. This is a great feat for energetic medicing, as it is fining its way into the mainstream. 

Shungite Bioharmonics Room

Come To Crystal Blue Vibrations to have this unique experience! You’re not going to find another space like this in San Diego area! 


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