Harvest Moon and Fall Equinox | A Portal of Abundance is Open

The Harvest Moon, our upcoming full moon, aligns with the timing of the Autumnal Equinox, which falls on September 22nd this year! With an abundance of bright moonlight shining through earlier in the day, the Harvest Moon is especially important for allowing abundance to flood into your life! The Fall Equinox welcomes Libra season with warm, loving, and abundant energy. Scarcity & lack mindsets can especially be reworked during this time, clearing up blockages that are preventing you from receiving all that is meant for you. Creating an abundance ritual and altar will be exponentially powerful this month! 

With the Harvest Moon falling on the 22nd, a portal of balance, harmony, expansion and evolution is at your doorstep! The number 2 carries the energy of duality and relationships. Connections with yourself and others are especially important during this moon, and clearing out unnecessary energy is profound during this time. A cord-cutting ceremony can be helpful in removing blockages from past connections, allowing new energy to rush into your life! Try using a selenite or black obsidian knife during a salt bath while preforming your ritual. 

Create a Crystal Grid for Abundance

Crystal grids focused on abundance are great tools for our Fall Equinox! Crystal grids enhance the energy of the crystals your using while fulfilling the intention you’re seeking. Sacred geometry on the grid helps symmetrically layout your crystals while bringing in the powerful energy of sacred geometrical shapes, such as the flower of life! We suggest finding a grid that intuitively calls to you. Using one of our selenite charging plates that are engraved with sacred geometry as a grid simultaneously charges & cleanses your crystals and acts as a portal to initiate abundance! 

Meditating and focusing your intention on the type of abundance, whether in love, career, etc, can help focus the type of energy coming into your life after this intense moon. 


Crystals for the Harvest Moon and Fall Equinox

We suggest using abundance stones citrine, pyrite, tigers eye, green aventurine & a cleansing and protective stone of your choice for your grid.

Citrine, Pyrite, Green Aventurine

Citrine focuses on bringing in Sun, happiness & manifestation energy, while pyrite is especially useful when trying to increase willpower and creativity! Pyrite will also help combat any fear blocking your energy centers, removing negativity! Green aventurine is the stone of luck and focuses on the heart chakra, encouraging growth and confidence to flood your energetic field. This energy will increase your life force and help with the manifestation process.

Tigers Eye

Tigers eye is extremely useful with the energetic frequencies of 22 since it is a great aide when balancing extremes and encouraging discernment and fairness in decision making. Tigers eye helps facilitate emotional harmony with others, capitalizing on the balance the 22nd will be enforcing.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz, the master healer stone, will help magnify the energies on your grid while cleansing and clearing blockages preventing manifestations from actualizing! Clear Quartz is especially important to help heal your emotional body and traumas affecting the nervous system while aiding in communicating with your angels. To keep yourself grounded and protected during an abundance ritual, we suggest using gold sheen obsidian. Gold sheen obsidian not only protects and sucks up negativity, but also enhances manifestation energy! 

Amethyst, Smokey Quartz & Moonstone are also powerful tools for the Equinox because of the Pisces moon it’s paired with! This Pisces moon will bring in intense emotional energy, forcing us to focus on what we need to let go of. 


Amethyst is a great aid in purification and the release of bad habits, such as addictions and negative emotional patterns. Amethyst will also increase your connection with the Divine, allowing for intuitive downloads and a deeper connection with Source, while simultaneously being calmed and purified. 

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz will be especially important for letting go of negative energies and allowing transformation to come into your life. Smokey Quartz is a powerful too for manifestation of one’s dreams and inspirations while forcing negative energies out of your life. It is an extremely grounding stone, being extremely important during the turbulence of emotion the Pisces full moon will be bringing in. 


Lastly, Moonstone pairs well with the intensity of the full moon, allowing us to connect to our feminine sides. Self-discovery and mystery are heightened during the full moon and these energies are clarified when working with moonstone. Moonstone will encourage calmness and inner tranquility, which is especially important for water signs during the Pisces full moon. 

Crystal Blue Vibrations sends loving & healing energy to you all during this pivotal Harvest Moon! Stop by the shop with any questions about Fall Equinox rituals and crystal grids!

September 17, 2021 — Maddisen Ferger

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