New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn

The New Moon in Capricorn is coming our way on January 2nd, the beginning of a new cycle. With this Capricorn energy, it’s the perfect time to work on your New Year manifestations. Set some goals for yourself, create that vision board, make some moves, and be the boss that you are! What can we expect with this strong Capricorn energy?

Capricorn energy is all about ambition, setting goals, responsibility, and discipline. It is a great time to embody those Capricorn traits. When we are talking about Capricorn energy, we know what that means, it’s time to talk about money. You are your own boss, around this time, be mindful when it comes to making financial decisions.  During this time you will be feeling motivated, inspired, and determined. So take the time to write down some affirmations and intentions, set some realistic goals for yourself that you can accomplish, and recognize responsibilities. This is also a great time to work on yourself when it comes to self-discipline or developing maturity. 

Keeping all of that in mind, here are our favorite crystals to use during Capricorn Season…

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Amethyst is a stone that brings luck, prosperity, and happiness to the Capricorn signs. Anyone using this stone can bring positivity into their lives, as it is known for dispelling negative energy, aiding in breaking unhealthy patterns and addictions, and bring in a sense of peace. As a soothing stone, it can help keep the highly driven Capricorns at ease, soothing the mind and easing stress. 



Garnet is one of the most well known stones associated with Capricorns, as it is one of the sign's birthstones. Garnet has the ability to help Capricorns stay on track when things don't go quite as planned. It's a very motivating and grounding stone, as it boosts one's focus on work projects and advancements. It provides a boost of energy and passion in all aspects of life.



Malachite is especially useful during the transformative season of Capricorn. Capricorns are known for being resistant to change, and Malachite offers support in accepting change. It is also an incredibly protective stone for travel, allowing Capricorns to safely step out of their comfort zones. It also helps those stubborn Caps to keep an open mind and see things from a new perspective. And, on top of that it is said to bring in financially abundance. We know Capricorns are all about the money, so Malachite is the perfect aid for manifesting abundance.

Clear Quartz:

Clear Quartz helps us get in tune with our true passions and desires, keeps us sharp as it boosts our concentration, and allows us to recognize where improvement in our lives is necessary and encourages us to take the steps to make changes. Clear Quartz is an amplifier, so it provides strong energy that can help our other crystals be even more effective. 


Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a powerful grounding stone that can be especially beneficial to those who tend to get stuck in negative thought patterns. Known for its ability to transform negative energy into positive energy, it helps balance emotions and provide stability to those who carry it. 

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye has many benefits for Capricorn placements. It is a stone known for bringing in abundance and maintaining wealth. As we know, Capricorns love their financial stability. It's also a powerful manifestation stone, aiding bringing your manifestations to fruition. And, for our stubborn Caps who don't like change, it can be a catalyst for adapting to new opportunities and situations.  

Keep in mind that we are also currently in Venus Retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. There’s a lot of Capricorn energy going on, but don’t be afraid, if anything, be excited! This is a time of reflection. It is a great time to sit down and really think about what you want in your relationships. This can be romantic relationships, platonic relationships, or even relationships with your job. It’s time to truly think about what you believe is best for you, a little self-love doesn’t hurt anyone. 

Rhodonite: Has a huge connection to the heart chakra, encourages mutual understanding, and grounds energy.

Celestite: Encourages a sense of self-awareness and instills a sense of calmness and clarity.


Happy New Year and Happy New Moon! 


December 29, 2021 — Maddisen Ferger
Crystals for the Winter Solstice: Rejuvenate and Reflect for the New Year

Crystals for the Winter Solstice: Rejuvenate and Reflect for the New Year

Happy Winter Solstice! Work with this new phase of the Sun, and reflect and rest to rejuvenate your energy for the New Year! Read down below for crystals you can work with during this time. 

December 21, 2021 — Maddisen Ferger
Full Moon in Taurus

Full Moon in Taurus

Our Full Moon peaks on November 19th, and is accompanied by a partial Lunar Eclipse! This Full Moon falls in the sign of Taurus, and is considered the Beaver or Frost Moon. The Lunar Eclipse paired with the intensity of the Taurus Full Moon paves way for intense growth for every zodiac sign. 

Major revaluations, endings, and unexpected events may occur during this time, so make sure to be open to change and go with the flow of the universe! It's important to channel the energy of Taurus during the discomfort of change in order to stay grounded and level headed. The change occurring is a catalyst to intense spiritual transformation and healing.

This transformational Full Moon aligns with manifesting our evolution, so we encourage you to use Citrine, Green Aventurine, Shungite, and Smoky Quartz to set intentions of rejuvenation! 

Citrine is a great stone for manifestation, personal will power, mental clarity, and creativity! Bringing the energy of the Sun, Citrine stimulates optimism, playfulness, and decisiveness in difficult situations. With transformational energies occurring, Citrine aids in manifesting and visualizing the way you want to transform! Citrine will bring a rejuvenating energy, allowing you to have a clear mind, deciphering what serves you and what is no longer serving you. The clarity and positive energy Citrine brings helps manifest your ideal transformation and future under this Frost Moon! 

Green Aventurine helps us with vitality, growth, confidence, healing, peace, and prosperity! As a manifestation stone, Green Aventurine brings us good fortune and blessings, acting as the ultimate good luck stone. Green Aventurine will help with manifesting your spiritual evolution and simultaneously support general healing and give us a zest for life. Changes, especially negative ones, are easier to understand and handle when using Green Aventurine. Light is brought to shadow aspects and an understanding of the natural order of the Universe when using Green Aventurine!

Shungite it a powerful crystal to cleanse, purify, balance, and ground yourself during the intensity of the Full Moon. Purification from Shungite occurs by ridding one of negative emotional patterns and blocks out negativity from entering the auric field. There's an intense infusion of spiritual light, allowing transformation of our darker aspects to occur. If you're feeling ungrounded and uncomfortable with changes happening this November, use Shungite to stay connected to Earth and have a clear head!

Smoky Quartz is great for stability and grounding as it is effective in eliminating negative spirits and energies from the auric field. It is a powerful and unique protection stone and eases the intensity of transformation. Smoky Quartz also helps us think practically and stay organized, which is especially helpful when we are feeling overwhelmed with change. Smoky Quartz is particularly helpful with transmuting negative energy and manifestation. When setting intentions on how you would like your evolution to look during and after the Full Moon, use Smoky Quartz to make your dreams and inspirations come to life!

Major changes, endings, and unexpected events may occur during this time. Surrender to the divine, and let go of what no longer serves you during this powerful Lunar Eclipse. This Lunar Eclipse will be the longest one to occur in nearly 600 years! Look to the moon on November 19th at 1:02 a.m. PST to see the peak of the eclipse.



November 18, 2021 — Maddisen Ferger
Crystals for Scorpio Season

Crystals for Scorpio Season

Scorpio season is right around the corner! From October 23rd until November 21st Scorpio energy will be felt full force Scorpio is ruled by the planets Pluto and Mars, making the energy fixed, focused, and intense. Pluto holds the energy of our shadow, creation, and destruction. This energy forces rebirth and transformation, making Scorpio season a great time to let go of what's no longer serving you. Mars holds the energy of ambition, passion, and expression. With the warlike power of Mars paired with the shadow work Pluto encourages, this Scorpio season is the perfect time to face parts of yourself that you tend to neglect. Scorpio season reminds us to work with the shadow and learn to love it! The energy of this Scorpio season will also encourage intense creativity and love. This is the perfect time to channel your emotions into something chaotic yet beautiful. Scorpios are a water element, causing heightened emotions and an intense connection to your intuition. Take this season to face repressed emotions and work through them, causing a passionate rebirth that can propel spiritual transformation! 

Some of the stones we recommend for Scorpio placements, and in general this season, are Citrine, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, and Amethyst. These crystals can be found in our Scorpio season crystal kits in the store! 

Citrine is a great stone for willpower, manifestation energy, happiness, and letting in the energy of the Sun. This stone is particularly good for Scorpio placements because it motivates them to achieve everything they have set out to do, intensifying the natural passion and drive that Scorpios have! It also gives confidence during transformation, making it the perfect tool for the transformational energies during Scorpio season! 

Rose Quartz is a great stone for letting in unconditional love for yourself and others. This stone is particularly helpful for Scorpios and people who tend to be secretive and jealous. Rose Quartz will help reduce these feelings and reduces the need for control, allowing an understanding of the natural flow of love. Rose Quartz also encourages joy and happiness in Scorpio sun's daily lives.

Black Tourmaline is an extremely protective stone, particularly against other people's negative energies and psychic attacks. Scorpios are known for being able to read and feel out situations and other's emotions, so wearing or keeping Black Tourmaline close to the heart chakra decreases the chances of picking up on someone's negative energy. Black Tourmaline also protects against negative thoughts and behaviors from shining through, keeping us grounded from emotional distress.

Red Jasper is the perfect stone to work on fire energy within our root chakras! Red Jasper is very nurturing while simultaneously encouraging passion and drive. It brings courage and assertiveness, especially when dealing with self-honesty during times during times of conflicts. Scorpios dealing with intense conflict as they shed unnecessary energy should use Red Jasper to keep their calm and stay grounded this season. This stone helps facilitate calm, truthful, and determined communication for Scorpios this season!

Lastly, Amethyst is a great stone for Scorpio season due to its intuitive and soothing qualities. Amethyst is perfect for working with dreams and your third eye chakra, allowing intuitive downloads to come through. Amethyst helps Scorpio's intuitive side, encouraging them to have a clearer understanding of how their emotional body helps them understand their intuition. It helps bring peace and understanding to the darker aspects of ourselves, making it perfect for dealing with the shadowy energy of Scorpio. Amethyst is also good for removing negative energy and protection from energetic attacks, so we recommend Scorpios wearing amethyst and Black Tourmaline as a pair this Scorpio season! 

October 22, 2021 — Maddisen Ferger
Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon in Aries

Full moon energy is all about bringing awareness to the intentions that you set at the new moon, and letting go of anything that does not allow those intentions to come to fruition. The Aries Full Moon on October 20th asks us to find the balance between independence and dependence, and allows us to reap the rewards of our efforts. Aries brings us the power to begin and the power to continue, pushing us to finish what we’ve started, let go of what is holding us back, and move us forward into the next stage of life. 


In the sign of Aries, we are able to see more of ourselves through the ‘mirror’ of the moon. This cosmic energy is urging us to let out what has been building up inside, and discover what this means for us at this time. It's a great time for introspection and focusing on our needs and desires, and to evaluate our close relationships and how these relationships are fulfilling our needs. Be cautious during this time of arguments though, as tempers tend to be exaggerated under the Aries Full Moon. People tend to be more self-focused and act according to their current mood. This time requires patience, and respect for others' independence.


Aries is the embodiment of individualism, and when the moon is in Aries, our energy is being pulled to be more self-assertive and personally courageous, as it is a time to express ourselves, and see if we like the direction that our life is taking. It encourages us to be open and allow our intentions and creations to be brought to life, and could also bring dynamic and dramatic endings that feel closely aligned with our purpose. 

A few questions you may need to ask yourself during this Full Moon are:

  • What are you clinging to from the past?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • How can I deepen the connection with myself?
  • Where do I need to take action?
  • Are you fearful of following your own lead?
  • Are the intentions you are setting and releasing in alignment with your life purpose?
  • In what ways do you need to stand up for yourself or take leadership?

Crystals for the Full Moon in Aries

The following crystals can help you channel the fiery energy brought in by the Aries Full Moon:


Citrine is a great stone to work with under the scope of the Aries Full Moon. Its energy giving powers will lift you up without throwing you out of balance as the stone is all about positive vibrations and embracing your personal power.  The Aries sign is associated with warrior-like energy. Our Solar Plexus Chakra is where our warrior strength and personal power are held, and when this chakra is blocked, it can make us feel uncentered and lacking confidence. Citrine is a wonderful tool for balancing this chakra, as it helps us get our footing, stay grounded, and channel our inner strength. Citrine is unable to hold bad energy, which is perfect for allowing you to take on tough times and transmute energy into something positive. It is known for holding the energy of the sun, as it acts as a ray of sunshine lifting your mood and allowing you to release feelings of anger. Believed to bring in abundance, it is said to draw in healthy relationships, with friends, money, and more to those who keep it with them, and serves as a reminder that you can do anything!


  • As the Aries Full Moon calls for us to take action, Carnelian is a perfect stone to have during this time as it brings out our personal power and gives us the courage and creative edge to search for and pursue our life’s purpose. This stone allows you to let go of that sluggish energy as it revitalizes and gives a boost of passionate energy and self-confidence, without spinning you out of control.  


Selenite is always a great crystal to use when working with the Moon's energy. It’s a purification and protection. Selenite helps with mental clarity as it helps free you from negative thoughts, and fills you with a free-flowing energy that encourages you to grow, be in your full power, and look internally to make the right decisions, as it helps you release anything that is not meant for you. Selenite diminishes anxieties by illuminating us with light, allowing us to lean into a more spiritual energy as we become more balanced and ready to clear the pathway to our life’s purpose.


Green Aventurine: 

  • Aries can be passionate and fiery, but Aventurine nurtures action and leadership, allowing you to clear out things that may be holding you back. Aventurine is a stone that brings in abundance both through opportunity and personal power. It provides the opportunity to heal old wounds and helps you get unstuck from old habits. It allows you to look inward and stand in your power, but also allows you to attract abundance and recognition for your hard work. It serves as a reminder that you are worthy and deserving, and pushes us to find the small pockets of joy in life. 



  • Labradorite is a great stone for grounding and enhancing mental clarity.  With its cosmic iridescent pattern and energy, it gives a burst of positive energy, encourages self-soothing, and clears out anything that may be weighing you down. The Aries Full Moon is a time for us to express our desires and look closely at our relationships. When our Throat Chakra is blocked, we struggle with expressing our needs, which can strain our relationships with others. Labradorite gives us the confidence to express those needs and desires and allows us to be heard. 


Final Thoughts

When the Moon is in the sign of Aries, it’s important to be self-aware and keep your ego in check. It brings a self-focused energy, and can be a time of impulsive moves caused by rash thinking. This time requires patience, as we tend to be impatiently searching for exciting and interesting endeavours during this time. Take advantage of the fire energy during this Full Moon by having a bonfire or just lighting a candle, and use the energy of the moon to cleanse your crystals, tarot decks, and other ritual tools as you release unnecessary energy. With all of the fiery and passionate spirit of Aries surrounding us this Full Moon, it’s a great time to focus your energy on physical activity and channeling your creativity. It's the perfect opportunity to let your creative juices flow freely, and take action on any projects or ideas that have been brewing in your mind! Your passion could lead to your life’s purpose!  All in all, the Aries Full Moon is a time to find balance, without sacrificing our independence. Face your fears, find your courage, express your desires, and own your personal power. 

October 18, 2021 — Maddisen Ferger
New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra

The New Moon in Libra is approaching! On October 6th, the intensity of the Libra new moon will force the collective to rebalance the areas of our lives that we've been ignoring. Since the new moon is occurring during Libra season, this moon will have extra power and influence on Libra placements!

A Powerful Time for Healing and Change

With the moon being in Libra, we will have to realize what imbalances are causing frustration and dissatisfaction in our lives. It is a powerful time to manifest, especially relating to relationships. Make sure to take the time to get real with yourself, and be very clear on your manifestations. Some may feel an intense burst of energy during this time and emotional balance, while others may feel tired and the need to rest due to the 6 planetary retrogrades happening now. This moon signals pushing out any bad habits, behaviors, and beliefs that are keeping you out of balance, and welcoming loving harmonious energy. We encourage using Rose Quartz, Lepidolite, Opalite, and Selenite during the power of this New Moon to welcome new beginnings and usher in loving healing energy into your life.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz will bring in a loving energy that will help you be gentle with yourself as you process and rebalance the emotional body. Rose Quartz will help you learn to love yourself and love others more deeply, connecting you to Divine Love. Use it to manifest loving energy. It also aids when processing traumas and past wounds, soothing your emotional body as you face tough emotions during the New Moon. 



Lepidolite is a great stone for stress relief and purification of the emotional body. If you are experiencing intense waves of energy that cause anxiety, using Lepidolite can ease anxiety and allow you to take a step back and breathe. The relaxing energies of this stone help dispel worry while deepening meditation. Using this stone during anxiousness resulting from the intensity of the New Moon can help purify your spiritual body while allowing serenity to fill your aura, making the rebalancing process more harmonious. 



Opalite is another great stone for this New Moon. Opalite works with our emotional body, helping push out negativity and bring in warming positive energy to surround your energetic field. If you are currently processing heavy emotions, Opalite is the perfect stone to help ease pain blocking the heart chakra. Opalite also brings in optimism and curiosity while simultaneously being calming, helping channel bursts of energy and creativity during this time. Use it to manifest new beginnings and transitions, as it encourages persistence and gives you the strength to live your truth. 



Selenite is the ultimate cleansing stone, connecting you to your Highest Self and angels and guides while pushing out negativity from your aura. Selenite will aid immensely with the rebalancing process this New Moon because it helps clear energy blockages and facilitates healing. Meditating with this stone can help pin point the areas in your life that you should focus on rebalancing during the new moon, while encouraging chakra cleansing and spiritual attunement. Selenite will pair well with any stone you feel drawn to use during this moon and will cleanse any energies left on other crystals.  

October 05, 2021 — Maddisen Ferger
Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

It's that time again, Mercury will be in retrograde from September 27th to October 17th! Mercury retrograde is scientifically an optical illusion, meaning from our point of view on Earth, it looks as if Mercury is rotating backwards. But, as astrologers point out, there tends to be an increase in miscommunications, mood swings, and even technological problems during retrograde! Confusion, delay in manifestations, and increased frustration tends to dominate the collective throughout this time. 

The Benefits of Mercury Retrograde

Although Mercury retrograde is perceived as a challenge, it is especially beneficial for reflection of the past, aiding in the healing of traumas, from both this life and past lives. Retrograde is the universes' way of forcing us to face emotions we have been suppressing and situations/decisions we have been putting off. 

Energy, whether in your relationships, your job, or even your home life, may be offset, causing major energetic shifts that may be frustrating at first. Overall, these shifts are necessary for the development of your journey and will clear out things that are blocking you from your true potential. 

Meditation and alone time are especially important and will help you understand why you may be feeling energetically off or negative.

Crystals for Mercury Retrograde


Shungite is a powerful stone to utilize during retrograde! The protective and grounding qualities of Shungite will help prevent emotional outbursts and shields others' negative energy. We suggest wearing Shungite to keep yourself grounded and cleansed throughout the day! Shungite also aids in adhering to your truth and getting rid of negative emotional patterns you've picked up throughout life. This energy is important during reflection and will help keep you balanced. Shungite also is important for minimizing EMFs, radiation, and other harmful effects from technology. 

Fluorite, Clear Quartz, and Amazonite are also extremely beneficial gems to work with during the craziness of Mercury retrograde!


Fluorite clears your energy field and balances your right and left brain, bringing clarity to your mental state. This is especially helpful for anyone who is currently in school or taking on a new skill during retrograde! Fluorite will aid in dispelling confusion and anxiety about the future, which are main issues throughout retrograde. 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is especially helpful for working with emotions that come up. The cleansing and clearing energies of Quartz will create a space for you to find more clarity when working to heal traumatized parts of the emotional body. The energy of Clear Quartz will amplify any other stone you use it with, so it is a great companion to amplify the intentions you have during this time. 


Because of increased miscommunication during retrograde, Amazonite is a powerful tool to increase harmony and constructive communication and avoid heated interactions. Soothing your heart and throat chakras, Amazonite will allow you to speak your truth, free from judgement, and vocalize your feelings and needs when having a rough day. Amazonite allows you to listen and integrate all aspects of the self and speak without overemotionalism. Amazonite is important for healing and working through traumas, which may come up during meditations during retrograde. 

Embrace Retrograde with Positivity

Misconceptions of Mercury retrograde may cause even more confusion in our collective unconscious, so don't worry, retrograde doesn't mean your life will fall apart! Individual perceptions of Mercury retrograde will shape how it affects you. So, instead of perceiving retrograde as negative, try thinking about how helpful these periods of time are. All yourself to allow embrace the void, working through emotions and traumas that affect your daily life. This time is meant for intense reflection, so when you feel like doing something bold or feel a mood swing coming on, remind yourself to go within. As a collective, we must embrace the importance of suffering. Suffering is an essential part of our human experience and allows us to grow and become stronger. So, remember to sit with your emotional body and listen to your needs! Self care is everything on this healing journey. Crystal Blue Vibrations is here for you during the craziness of retrograde and wishes you nothing but clarity during this pivotal time of reflection and cleansing! 

October 01, 2021 — Maddisen Ferger
Crystals for Libra Season

Crystals for Libra Season

Libra season is approaching us, bringing in an initiating energy and the pressing need to find balance. Libra season begins September 23rd and goes until October 22nd, paving an airy gateway for spooky season. 

Libra energy embodies the need for balance and harmony, causing us as a collective to strive for more equilibrium in different areas of our lives! Libras are an air sign, making this time to go-with-the-flow. There’s less of a need for decision and control with Libra energy, making the energy this month extremely accommodating! 

Crystals for Libra Season

Some crystals that are good for Libra season are Ametrine, Black Tourmaline, Tigers Eye, Lapis Lazuli and Opal! 


Ametrine is known for balance and clarity, making it the perfect stone for Libra season. Ametrine stimulates creativity and supports taking control in your life. It promotes optimistic ways of thinking, and is excellent for those who are swayed by others, as it encourages them to step into their own power and potential, and can help you connect with, and manifest, Divinely inspired ideas. As a stone of balance, this is great for Libras as it helps them not overthink their decisions so much, trust their intuition, and ignite their creativity. 

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is known as being a stone of purification and cleansing. It acts as a cloak of protection as it shields you from toxic energies, whether that be from energy vampires, psychic attacks, or your own negative thought patterns. 

Black Tourmaline is also thought to help those who may struggle with obsessive compulsions, addictions, or anxiety, allowing for more clear, rational thoughts to come through as it uses its frequencies to swap out negative thought patterns for positive ones. By eliminating stress and anxiety, it helps you stay calm and connected to the present moment, and gives the essence of a secure and safe space to share thoughts and ideas, which is perfect for Libras as it helps them experience positivity in times when they may be struggling, especially with having to make an important decision. 

Tiger's Eye

For those needing a boost in self-confidence and a spark of motivation, Tiger’s Eye is the crystal for you this Libra season. With its positive energy and energy of transformation, it’s all about bringing self-confidence to the surface as it encourages you to embrace your inner-strength and willpower. Libras will find themselves feeling especially attractive and confident when using tigers eye! 

Tiger’s Eye is also an essential stone for those who struggle to stay grounded, making it a perfect stone for the airiness and indecisiveness of Libra season! It is also believed to provide powerful protection, attract good luck, and can be helpful when struggling with finances.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli  is a reminder to us to stay true to ourselves and our power, and to not be afraid. Motivated by knowledge, intuition, and wisdom, it’s  a stone that brings deep peace, encourages self-awareness, and reveals inner truth. Libras who work with Lapis Lazuli will find their need for intellectual stimulation satisfied. Lapis gives the motivation and confidence to explore our inherent wisdom and learn something new. Lapis Lazuli also deepens meditation and unlocks the inner King and Queen. This is especially important for Libras as they step into the spotlight this season! 


Opals are the majority of Libra's birthstones, making it an especially powerful crystal to work with during Libra season. Opals are extremely purifying and emotional, allowing one to heal emotional wounds on a deeper level. Opals are calming and comforting, helping ease the racing mind of Libras. Working close with Opals this month will work as a catalyst for intense healing and bringing in new creative energy.

If you are a Libra or have Libra placements in your astrological chart, expect yourself to feel more sociable, likeable, and creative! There may also be an increase in indecision and flakiness, which is something to look out for! Being the middle ground and neutraliser is a comfortable position for Libras, so don’t expect to make any major life decisions this month! Overall, this month will bring new social and intellectual opportunities for Libras, so embrace the unknown and embrace the need to find balance within the different aspects your life. 

September 23, 2021 — Maddisen Ferger
Harvest Moon and Fall Equinox | A Portal of Abundance is Open

Harvest Moon and Fall Equinox | A Portal of Abundance is Open

The Harvest Moon, our upcoming full moon, aligns with the timing of the Autumnal Equinox, which falls on September 22nd this year! With an abundance of bright moonlight shining through earlier in the day, the Harvest Moon is especially important for allowing abundance to flood into your life! The Fall Equinox welcomes Libra season with warm, loving, and abundant energy. Scarcity & lack mindsets can especially be reworked during this time, clearing up blockages that are preventing you from receiving all that is meant for you. Creating an abundance ritual and altar will be exponentially powerful this month! 

With the Harvest Moon falling on the 22nd, a portal of balance, harmony, expansion and evolution is at your doorstep! The number 2 carries the energy of duality and relationships. Connections with yourself and others are especially important during this moon, and clearing out unnecessary energy is profound during this time. A cord-cutting ceremony can be helpful in removing blockages from past connections, allowing new energy to rush into your life! Try using a selenite or black obsidian knife during a salt bath while preforming your ritual. 

Create a Crystal Grid for Abundance

Crystal grids focused on abundance are great tools for our Fall Equinox! Crystal grids enhance the energy of the crystals your using while fulfilling the intention you’re seeking. Sacred geometry on the grid helps symmetrically layout your crystals while bringing in the powerful energy of sacred geometrical shapes, such as the flower of life! We suggest finding a grid that intuitively calls to you. Using one of our selenite charging plates that are engraved with sacred geometry as a grid simultaneously charges & cleanses your crystals and acts as a portal to initiate abundance! 

Meditating and focusing your intention on the type of abundance, whether in love, career, etc, can help focus the type of energy coming into your life after this intense moon. 


Crystals for the Harvest Moon and Fall Equinox

We suggest using abundance stones citrine, pyrite, tigers eye, green aventurine & a cleansing and protective stone of your choice for your grid.

Citrine, Pyrite, Green Aventurine

Citrine focuses on bringing in Sun, happiness & manifestation energy, while pyrite is especially useful when trying to increase willpower and creativity! Pyrite will also help combat any fear blocking your energy centers, removing negativity! Green aventurine is the stone of luck and focuses on the heart chakra, encouraging growth and confidence to flood your energetic field. This energy will increase your life force and help with the manifestation process.

Tigers Eye

Tigers eye is extremely useful with the energetic frequencies of 22 since it is a great aide when balancing extremes and encouraging discernment and fairness in decision making. Tigers eye helps facilitate emotional harmony with others, capitalizing on the balance the 22nd will be enforcing.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz, the master healer stone, will help magnify the energies on your grid while cleansing and clearing blockages preventing manifestations from actualizing! Clear Quartz is especially important to help heal your emotional body and traumas affecting the nervous system while aiding in communicating with your angels. To keep yourself grounded and protected during an abundance ritual, we suggest using gold sheen obsidian. Gold sheen obsidian not only protects and sucks up negativity, but also enhances manifestation energy! 

Amethyst, Smokey Quartz & Moonstone are also powerful tools for the Equinox because of the Pisces moon it’s paired with! This Pisces moon will bring in intense emotional energy, forcing us to focus on what we need to let go of. 


Amethyst is a great aid in purification and the release of bad habits, such as addictions and negative emotional patterns. Amethyst will also increase your connection with the Divine, allowing for intuitive downloads and a deeper connection with Source, while simultaneously being calmed and purified. 

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz will be especially important for letting go of negative energies and allowing transformation to come into your life. Smokey Quartz is a powerful too for manifestation of one’s dreams and inspirations while forcing negative energies out of your life. It is an extremely grounding stone, being extremely important during the turbulence of emotion the Pisces full moon will be bringing in. 


Lastly, Moonstone pairs well with the intensity of the full moon, allowing us to connect to our feminine sides. Self-discovery and mystery are heightened during the full moon and these energies are clarified when working with moonstone. Moonstone will encourage calmness and inner tranquility, which is especially important for water signs during the Pisces full moon. 

Crystal Blue Vibrations sends loving & healing energy to you all during this pivotal Harvest Moon! Stop by the shop with any questions about Fall Equinox rituals and crystal grids!

September 17, 2021 — Maddisen Ferger
Crystal Skulls | Powerful Symbols & Tools for Manifestation

Crystal Skulls | Powerful Symbols & Tools for Manifestation

As we approach spooky season, the veil between our Earthly and Spiritual realm gets thinner and thinner! Skulls are a powerful symbol and tool for communication with other spirits, and especially our higher selves! Crystal Skulls in particularly are powerful tools to support us on our journey of remembering and expressing who we are. Despite the connotation of skulls with death or danger, skulls are important symbol of rebirth and transitioning into another phase of life. The skull shape has been important and impactful for many ancient civilizations, especially for the Mayans and Egyptians. Having an understanding of how the skull shape has been used for empowerment throughout history is key to letting go of negative connotations of death and fear with the skull shape!


How They Connect Us To Our True Selves

Using the shape of a human skull amplifies the effects of a crystal’s energy on an individuals human consciousness. Think of the skull as a home for our brain, the vessel for us to translate our experiences and sensory information into awareness. Awareness of our subconscious allows us to expand ourselves, leading us to transformation and rebirth. This heightens our intuition and connects us back to our true selves. Crystal skulls absorb and store information from the crystals, so when meditating with crystal skulls, it makes it easier for one to listen and understand the messages and visions being received.


Skulls and the Healing Process

The skull symbol is a vessel to work through your heart and connect to higher consciousness. This makes meditation with crystal skulls unveiling and transformative. While intensifying the characteristics and energies of the carved crystal, crystal skulls amplify the reflection process during meditation. Skulls act as reflectors, helping us to see who we are and reminding us of our essence and the purpose of our lives on Earth. They act as mirrors, helping us bright light to what energy is necessary for us to catapult the healing process.


How to Start Your Crystal Skull Journey

So you want to buy a crystal skull but aren’t sure where to start? The best crystal skull for you will be the one you’re most attracted to. Nine out of ten times you’ll see it and won’t be able to put it down without daydreaming of it! It’s an immediate connection, which for some people can be positively overwhelming. Your attraction to crystal skulls may stem from a particular longing or interest, and meditation with the crystal skull can reveal gifts within yourself as well as cause profound experiences emotionally and spiritually! Stop by Crystal Blue to learn more about crystal skulls and find a skull that’s right for you!

September 14, 2021 — Andrew Lucas
Introducing the VIBE System from Bioharmonic Technologies®

Introducing the VIBE System from Bioharmonic Technologies®

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